When it comes to making sure that all your imports meet the safety standards set by the FSMA, our team is here to answer all your questions and help guide you with comprehensive and efficient plans. We have an extensive background in dealing with the FDA and we always stay updated with the latest regulatory changes and trends.

Get your FSMA certification when you work with us.


The Food Safety Team at KLA will answer questions about your product line and your facility. Some of your questions will mostly address the following food safety points:

  • Who in your company is qualified to implement all required steps under FSMA?
  • Do you have a PCQI (Preventive Control Qualified Individual)?
  • Who reviews and keep records of food safety compliance?
  • Which food safety hazards do you face requiring evaluation under FSMA?
  • Are you addressing FSMA food safety only during production?
  • What about FSMA for your ingredients? For your suppliers?
  • Is FSMA carried out for your full supply chain?
  • Which of your products are not regulated by FSMA and the FDA?
  • Which products are regulated by USDA?

What KLA Food Safety Team (KLA-FST) offers:

  • KLA-FST will be your PCQI
  • KLA-FST will prepare complete FSMA compliant food safety plans
  • KLA-FST will keep records supporting all food safety plans related to your product line and facility
  • KLA-FST will prepare your team in case of an FDA audit and will interface with the FDA as necessary
  • KLA-FST will be the bridge between your company and the FDA


Food Defense Plans
Certain food facilities must develop plans to protect against adulteration of products meant to deliberately cause harm to consumers. KLA's Food Safety Specialist can create a new or revise an existing Food Defense Plan for your facility.
Recall Plans
Under U.S. FDA's Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls ("HARPC") rule, certain food facilities must develop and implement written recall plans for any foods with a hazard requiring a control.
Strategic Partner (FSVP)
As your key strategic partner, we will guide you in all your required actions for these agencies. We’ll make sure all your goods meet the food safety regulations and that your FSMA compliance is maintained.
Food Safety Plans (HARPC)
KLA Safety Specialists can develop new food safety plans and programs for your facility or review your current systems and documentation. For existing plans and programs, KLA reviews for completeness, effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

When it comes to meeting the FSMA safety standards and other regulatory implementations of the Food and Drug Administration, you need to work with a team that has the necessary knowledge, experience, and connections.

We guarantee seamless and comprehensive solutions when dealing with the FDA and other regulatory standards. We’ve helped numerous clients in the past get through inspections and checks involved in customs. We’ve also helped others get their products out of FDA automatic detention.

Our team will help you build a food safety plan that allows your company and suppliers to meet all the requirements and maintain your FSMA compliance in the future as well.

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