Efficient FSVP Compliance Services

FSVP is the new food safety regulation put in place by the FDA.
FSVP requirements are complex. All partners in all sections of the food industry must address what part of FSVP is applicable to them.

In May 2017, the FDA mandated their Foreign Supplier Verification Programs or FSVP for importers of international food items for humans and animals. If you’re an importer of these items, we can help guide you through the process of getting approval for your shipments.

We have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with the FDA and we always stay updated with the latest regulations and trends. We have a wide network of connections with transportation companies and warehouse storage units across the US to help you distribute your goods as well.

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  • NWho is going to implement all the required steps under the new FSVP food safety regulation?
  • NWhat does FDA now expect to see in my documents and my products at the time of entry?
  • NUnder the new FDA FSMA regulations who is considered the supplier and who is the importer?
  • NAre all my overseas suppliers required to have a food safety plan?
  • NAre all my imported products required to be covered by a food safety plan?
  • NWhat if I change suppliers?
  • NIs my company required to be registered with a unique UFI/DUNS code number? Does that include all my facilities?
  • NWho is going to plan preventive controls for human food (PCHF)?
  • NWho is a qualified individual? Who is my qualified individual?
  • NWho keeps track of all the documents and proof of safety for facilities and products?
  • NIs the FDA going to audit my company? How Often?


FSVP Agent

If there is no U.S.owner or consignee of an article of food at the time of United States entry, the importer is the U.S. agent, representative of the foreign owner, or consignee at the time of entry.  KLA may serve as your FSVP Agent or Representative depending on the type of product(s) and associated level of risk.

Compliance Management

By relying on our experts for the technicalities involving compliance all along the supply chain, your focus will remain your company’s growth and success.  We’ll enable you to optimize profits, sustainability, reputation, as well as consumer confidence.

FSVP and Supply Chain

Under our guidance both sourcing and importing of your products will be uninterrupted with no disruption to the supply chain.

Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP)

Importers in the United States are responsible for developing FSVP’s to verify the food they import is manufactured by US food safety standards.  KLA Food Safety Specialists can develop or review FSVP for FDA compliance.

FDA and the FSVP Importer

We interface with the FDA on your behalf ensuring food safety compliance at the time of importation.  We can either act as the FSVP agent or advisor to the FSVP importer.

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