• IMPORTER SECURITY FILING (ISF or 10+2): It is imperative that we receive this completed form 48 hrs. prior to the goods being laden on board the vessel destined for the U.S. Mis-information, late, and/or non-filing of ISF will result in penalty of up to $5,000 per shipment. Please email completed form and commercial invoice copy.
  • 1. Seller’s Info

    Name and complete address of the final seller of the goods or the owner if no seller
  • 2. Buyer’s Info

    Name and complete address for the last known entity to whom the goods are sold or the owner if no purchase
  • 3. Importer

    IRS# or EIN# or Social Security#, Name and complete address
  • 4. Consignee Info

    IRS# or EIN or Social Security #, Name and complete address, must be a U.S. company
  • 5. Manufacturer / Supplier Info

    Name and complete address of the entity that last manufactured/assembled/produced or grew the product or the party supplying the goods
  • 6. Ship To Party

    Name & complete address of 1st “deliver to” party scheduled to receive the goods after Customs Clearance
  • Based on U.S. Customs Regulations
  • Max. file size: 300 MB.
    Please attach a Pro Forma invoice copy so the harmonized numbers can be determined
  • 9. Container Stuffing Location

    Name and complete address if physical location that the freight was loaded/stuffed in the container
  • 10. Consolidater

    Name and complete address of party that stuffed the container or arranged for the stuffing i.e. Forwarder