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Helping Release Items from Automatic Detention

  • We provide customs clearance for all your import or export shipments.
  • We offer automatic email notifications regarding the Customs and Border Protection and the Food and Drug Administration releases.
  • We provide assistance as you navigate import and export regulations in the US, particularly the FDA’s more recent Foreign Supplier Verification Programs or FSVP rules.
  • We help remove your imported food products from the automatic detention measures of the FDA.
  • We help coordinate the safe delivery of your cargo with the help of our worldwide logistics capabilities.
  • We have a nationwide network of transportation and warehouses storage companies to help you deliver all your cargo to different points in the US.
  • We also offer help in getting marine insurance for all your import and export shipments.



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We also have a vast team of specialists who can speak several languages which enables them to better understand your needs and how to connect you with solutions.

Our services will essentially help your import or export business, saving precious time and resources.

When you want a fast, hassle-free, and reliable solution to your customs (or shipment) related issues and delays, contact us.

Releasing containers from automatic detention

Customs Brokerage

Our decades of experience as Customs Brokers have prepared Ken Lehat and Associates for all potential regulatory challenges. Our team expertly navigates the maze of customs, FDA and USDA regulations, and government agencies, ensuring optimal efficiency and on-time arrival.

If you’re an importer, you need reliable, efficient, and professional customs brokerage services.  You need to make sure all your precious shipments encounter no hassle or delay from the port all the way to your distribution network. We at Ken Lehat and Associates are here to help. We have the necessary knowledge, experience, and connections to help solve any issue or delay that your import or export shipment may encounter with the CBP, FDA, or other agencies in the US.


Full-Service Customs Broker Clearing Shipments

Freight Forwarders

As freight forwarders, Ken Lehat & Associates is involved in the transportation of goods on behalf of importers and exporters. Our goal is to identify the most appropriate routes, transport modes and carriers for your shipment. We will also handle the necessary paper work and documentation dependent upon the type of commodity being shipped and the country of origin/destination.

When your business involves constantly making sure supply chains run efficiently and without hitches, partnering with an experienced and reliable freight forwarding company is critical. We at Ken Lehat & Associates are here to help you.  CONTACT US TODAY.

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Aside from having the necessary knowledge in dealing with import and export issues as a customs brokerage company, we also have an extensive network of transportation and warehousing companies across the nation to help get your goods to and from virtually any point in the US.

Along with access to a range of transportation options, we will always provide you with the necessary visibility and control for your shipment. This adds more flexibility and efficiency to our services.

Our team is also well-experienced in identifying the best routes possible for your shipments. We understand how important it is that your goods reach their destination in a timely and hassle-free manner. Because of this, we tap into our various connections and our cutting-edge technologies to come up with a logistics plan that’s perfect for your company’s needs and goals.

Hassle-free freight forwarding means we also take care of all the necessary paperwork along the way. We can work on documents you need beforehand and keep them readily available to ensure your shipments arrive on time.  Whether these are regulatory certificates or transportation passes, we can help make the process more seamless and efficient.

FDA Consultants

Ken Lehat & Associates is proud of its long history assisting the food industry in importing a wide variety of edible products. Our knowledgeable staff is trained specifically in FDA rules and regulations, enabling us to offer a full-service experience to domestic importers and foreign suppliers. In addition, Ken Lehat and Associates specializes in the removal of foreign suppliers from the FDA automatic detention list.


FSVP agents guiding an import company


With expertise covering a broad spectrum of product categories, ranging from food and building supplies to apparel and everything in between, Ken Lehat & Associates shepherds your shipment by sea and air. Our National Customs license allows us to clear cargo arriving at any port in the United States, as well as offer delivery and warehousing solutions across the nation. Rest easy knowing your shipment is appropriately insured.  Ken Lehat & Associates offers marine and air insurance beyond the shipper’s basic limited liability.

Different parts of the world have different customs clearance requirements, duty rates, and processes of entry. When you have a business that constantly deals with things like value declaration, duty management and tariff classifications, it can easily and quickly become overwhelming. This can lead to further confusion, inefficiencies, and ballooning costs.

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KLA is a customs brokerage that has enough knowledge, experience, and connections to make all your dealings with US customs a quick and hassle-free experience.

  • With the help of a global customs brokerage like us, you can minimize the overall number of brokers you need and effectively simplify your customs processing experience. A single point of contact makes everything easier and more efficient.
  • We place a high premium on compliance management. This helps make sure that your shipments all stay within schedule and avoid encountering issues. This also saves you possible costs that are associated with non-compliance to customs regulations.
  • We offer a comprehensive customer service experience that provides you with the visibility to entry, delivery, and tracking of your shipments. This makes the reporting system more robust and reliable.
  • We have a digital document imaging process in place to improve archiving.  We make sure that you have access to your records whenever you need them. Because there is less reliance on physical storage, the files are also kept more securely.

If you want a more robust and efficient supply chain, it’s important that you work with a customs brokerage company like KLA to minimize and mitigate risk. We can help your shipment through all the steps of the supply chain from import all the way to distribution. We also make sure that your shipments are properly insured through the whole process.


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