Shipping thru the Port of Houston

Shipping through ports

About the Port of Houston

The Port of Houston is one of the busiest ports in the United States.  Made up of 200 private and eight public terminals, Some 285 million tons of cargo is moved through the port annually.  Everything from petroleum to automobiles (especially Volkswagen and Audi) pass through this port.  Just a few hours from the Gulf of Mexico, the port really is a hub for transportation between Mexico and the United States.  However, trade volume comes from a variety of countries from Europe to Africa and the Middle East.

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How can Ken Lehat & Associates Help?

Here at Ken Lehat & Associates, we have helped many companies ship through the Port of Houston.  With our national customs license, we have also helped companies clear shipments, helped remove cargo from detention, and assisted companies preparing for or going through an FDA audit.  For more information about our customs brokerage and how we can help you ship through the Port of Houston, please contact us:

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